Class 1-5

Hiking difficulty ratings. Got class? Now you do! Class 1 - 5

In many of the hiking and climbing articles here on, you may read about “Class.” Class is used to describe the level of difficulty encountered on any given trail or mountain. But what does “Class 2″ hiking really mean? I thought it was time for a breakdown, as many novice hikers and scramblers may not be 100% sure of the rating system. Read on, and find out just how easy or hard these Classes really are. Check out the Class.

Kennesaw Mountain Hike.

Kennesaw Mountain Hike. (52 hikers)

Excellent. My first outing with the group was very enjoyable. Our leader did an excellent job. The weather cooperated and we had a great day.

Great experience, with a great group of people!

Fun group of people. Wonderful hike leaders. Look forward to more hikes with the group!

Really nice hike and great friendly people. Looking forward to more hikes.

"Thanks to Reginald for ensuring the slower ones (myself) were never left behind. I will definately attend more hikes with this group!!!" It was a challenging hike. I enjoyed the mixture of hills along with flat/loop.
Reginald Mitchell

Hippie Hole

I took a long drive to Hippie Hole at Little River Canyon in Alabama.  Although it was a long drive it was a straight shot from Atlanta and once we got there all the “are we there yet’s”, from me, were worth it, LOL.

When I arrived I spoke with one of the volunteers at the trail.  She told me about the different look out points and the water falls of “Hippie Hole” and “High Rock”.  As I thought about the given name of the area it made me wonder what they are really doing at Little River Canyon.  LOL… 

The hike to the water fall was short and sweet, but I must say that the swimming was great!  The temperature of the water was not as cold as you would expect from a river, which was a pleasant surprise.  There were about 50 hikers and I think I can speak for everyone when I say we had a nice time…  Oh, make sure you bring a lunch and water shoes. 

I can’t wait to go again!  I’ll make sure that I’m able to stay a little longer to simply relax and enjoy the falls and river.