Age 4

Saturday, July 28, 2012, the hike at Kennesaw Mountain was really eye opening.  We had a hiker with the group that was only 4 years old.  She may have been the youngest hiker of the day, but I promise you she was one of the best. 

Prior to the hike her mom and I were talking back and forth via e-mail about if it would be okay for a 4 year old to go on the hike.  The mom was trying to convince me that she didn’t want to go because she thought her daughter would slow the group down.  But of course I convinced her that she wouldn’t slow us down.  Well, the truth is that yes a four year old will slow us down and that’s ok, because if she was willing then so was I.  My motto is “no person left behind” not even if they are four.

Needless to say that little 4 year old completed the whole 1800 feet of climbing and did not complain once during the 3 hours it took from start to finish.  A good number of adults stopped and turned back, which is understandable because it happens.  However, this hike confirmed my other motto again, “You’re never too old or young to hike”.  

This picture is of the youngest and the oldest on the hike...

I truly enjoy hiking Kennesaw Mountain and I love introducing people to the wonder of the outdoors for the first time!

Reginald Mitchell

Raven Cliff Falls

Raven Cliff Falls

About four months ago I decided that I wanted to hike Raven Cliff Falls in the North Georgia Mountains and for one reason or another it just didn’t happen.  Now after what seems like forever I finally had the chance to hike Raven Cliff. 

 A week or so ago I took the scenic route up which took me about 3 hours.  Along the way driving up and around the Mountain I stopped at a few small gift shops and of course I stopped to take my first glance of the spectacular views.  I don’t believe there is one word that can truly describe the view of the small valleys and mountain tops as far as the eye could see.  It took my breath away and made me appreciate nature’s wonder a little more.  As I continued to look around I began to get the feeling that I would run out of time and quickly realized that it would be impossible to see everything that Raven Cliff Falls had to offer in just one day.  I really think I would need about a month to truly get the full experience of the mountain.  

Once I decided to continue driving to the trail I said goodbye to some fellow hikers.  But before I could actually leave the hikers took the time to tell me about all the great trails they have hiked at Raven Cliff Falls.  As I resumed driving I just couldn’t resist the views!  I found myself stopping at multiple rest stops to take in the view and snap some pictures to capture this incredible setting.  That’s the real reason it took 3 hours to get there, all the stopping!  After a little more ‘slow driving’ I saw the signs that let me know I had arrived at the trail head… at last, Raven Cliff Falls.  

As I performed a final check of my gear, food, and water I noticed that the parking lot seemed pretty empty, which gave me the indication that it wouldn’t be very crowded on the trail.  That put an even bigger smile on my face.  

Okay, so I’m ready to start my hike but I was a little apprehensive because I am alone and I had never been to this trail before and I knew I was in bear country.  But just as it goes, I received a sign right at the start of the trail.  As I headed on to the trail a little boy about age 7 came running out with flip flops on smiling and laughing with his dad saying how much fun he had.  Right then and there I knew I would be ok.  

The trail I was hiking would lead me to the falls and along the way I saw mushrooms on the side of trees, moss on the side of rocks, art work made of rock by fellow hikers in the streams, and the rock formations in the appearance of art maid by Mother Nature.  It was spectacular!  While crossing small bridges and streams I listened to nothing but nature and I found myself falling deep into a trance.  I was awake and alert though, but every now and then I found myself looking up and around to make sure nothing was watching me, LOL.  As I continued along the trail about 20 minutes I noticed the sound started to change in the distance.  At this point I felt a change in the temperature.  It was cooler on the mountain than it was in the city and it was even cooler from the trail to the point where I was under a canopy of the imposing trees.  The sound accompanied with the cool breeze of the shade was astounding. 

I pushed forward and came across the first water fall.  Stopping a brief moment, I took it all in and hydrated my body.  After another mile and I came upon the big water fall.  I had finally made it to the Raven Cliff water fall.  Just as I approached the fall a runner runs past me and I yelled at him, “STOP”!  I wanted him to stop to make sure I should not be running as well…  Don’t get me wrong I “Love 2 Hike”, but I also love my life, LOL.  After the runner stopped I asked, “Where are you running to or from?  Are we at the end of the trail”?   The runner said, “No Sir!  You are at the end of the trail but not the journey. Follow me”.  We hiked up about 30 more feet and arrived at the climax.  It was exactly what I came for. The sight was beyond amazing so I stopped and had my lunch. 

The view was extraordinary with trees to my rear, rocks to my left and right, and one of the most spectacular water falls Georgia has to offer directly in front of me.  At that moment I felt I could venture out and hike forever!  Raven Cliff Falls was one of the best hikes I had been on in months.  The brake from the city and the heat was well worth it.  Well, until next time…

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