Whether it’s an overseas trip or a day trip/adventure, these tips will make your life easier while on the road:
Tip #1:  Make Copies.  Ever lost your ID, passport or credit cards.  It can be a nightmare, but if you had made copies of at least your ID, your return flight will be less of a headache…  Can you imagine at the airline counter explaining that your ID has been stolen and that you are who you say you are?  No fun!  Make copies: take a set with you that you will leave at your hotel and another one at home. Make a color copy of your passport. 
Tip #2: Tell Someone! Leave a copy of your trip itinerary with trusted friend or family member.  Include everything from location, phone numbers and the time you are supposed to leave and return.
Tip #3: Confirm! Delays and cancellations happen, call a day in advance to confirm your trip/adventure.
Tip #4: Leave Your Valuable at Home!  I understand that we want to be cute, however, whether it’s a ziplining day trip or an international trip, leave your jewelry and other valuables at home… You will not need them anyways!
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