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A shared We Love 2 Hike Adventures (WL2H) trip might just be one of the world's best group-bonding experiences. If you've got a crew of 5 or more or employees who deserve a special reward or a gang of gung-ho family members who are just itching to see the world—consider a private hike with We Love 2 Hike (WL2H).

What is a private Hike, exactly?

A private Hike is an WL2H Adventures trip that's just for you and your group. You can set up a private Hike to see the world.

Hike and Wine

Hiking and Wine Tasting – A Perfect Sunday!
(Next Hike & Wine)- July 28th 2013 @ 9am
By: Nellie Umutesi-Vigneron
My day started early with an hour and a half drive to Raven Cliff Falls.  For the day, I packed lunch and two bottles of water.  At the meeting point, we took some time to introduce ourselves to one another.  Everyone was very welcoming and excited about the day’s adventure.  It was very exciting to meet different people from various geographical backgrounds:  some people were from California, Africa, New York one lady I met was from Kentucky and a few were born and raised right here in Georgia.  I also liked the fact there was a wide range of hiking levels, I would not be the only intermediate hiker!  We started our 5.1 miles hike at around 10:30 in the morning.    

The weather was perfect and the tall trees provided the perfect shade for this three hour round trip hike.  We had several stops along the way to admire the various falls and a longer stop at the main fall, where we had lunch.

Some after lunch dipped in the water, took pictures and just enjoyed the scenery. 

At the end of our hike, we got in our cars and took a short drive to Sautee Nacoochee Vineyards, nestled in the beautiful and historic Nacoochee Valley of North Georgia.  I absolutely fell in love with the place, from its well-manicured lawn with sitting chairs for someone to relax under. To its friendly staff that took the time to explain to us a little about the history of the vineyard and the textures and taste of the different wines they produced on location.  We were treated to three wine tastings and a glass of wine of our choosing!


Once done with our wine tasting and selection, we all gathered on the wrap around porch,  we enjoyed the wine, cheese trays and great company!


This was the perfect budget –friendly day for the casual hiker and the casual wine aficionado, such as myself!

We Love 2 Hike

Don’t surprise a snake.

Don’t surprise a snake.
Stay alert, especially on overgrown trails where vipers may wait for passing prey, and when cool temps lure snakes into open areas to bask. Step on top of logs and rocks instead of over; a rattler might strike defensively if it’s hiding underneath and you surprise it.

Never Forget: It’s not out to get you.
If a snake is in motion, get out of its way. If it’s coiled, give it a wide berth (at least 10 feet) and go around it. Snakes can only extend up to 40 percent of their body length during a strike, but you can’t jump out of the way; from start to finish, the motion takes less than half a second.

Snakebite First Aid
1. Remove jewelry or clothing that may restrict circulation near the bite because of swelling. Struck in the foot or leg? Don’t remove your shoe. You may not be able to put it back on to hike out.
2. Wash the wound. That’s all. Don’t do anything else to the bite site.
3. Keep the wound at heart level. (For lower limbs, it’s OK to walk.)
4. Evacuate. Get to a hospital ASAP. Pain and swelling may be severe, and within six hours the flesh around the wound may start to die.



Backpacking is awesome. There might be no finer way to truly experience the great outdoors: exploring remote areas, observing wildlife, and the unmatched solitude of a far away campsite are just some of the rewards awaiting you in the backcountry. There is also something to be said for the feeling of self reliance that comes with carrying everything you need in your pack. However, this all comes at a price. Careful planning, an array of gear and a network of reliable fellow hikers are some of the things needed to undertake a successful trip. This can be intimidating for beginners, but fear not,  We Love 2 Hike is here.