I met this young boy (boy #1) yesterday shining shoes. He had drive, determination and the true spirit of a hustler. I watched him work his craft and afterwords I asked him, why are you not out playing ball... His response was that, he had to help his mother feed the family. (PAUSE) That is not the point of this story. Boy #2 who now is to the right of the customer. For 30 minutes, he (boy #2) had been begging for money unsuccessfully. However, over his shoulder he had been watching (NOW INTENSELY WATCHING) boy #1 getting $50 pesos per customer. The point of me sharing this story, is that you never know who is watching you and what type of inspiration you may be to them. Lead by example. My thoughts are that, next week I will donate money out of my pocket to this young boy (boy #1) to teach boy #2 this skill of shining shoes. Moreover, to set boy #2 up for success with his own equipment and products to do the job. #EachOneTeachOne If you would like to help, cool. if not, cool. #OneManMission http://www.weloveexploring.com/donations.html

Salt Bath

If you can't make it to the beach

Spiritually Cleanse with A Salt Bath

Throughout normal day-to-day life, you will encounter a wide variety of people and places, all of which have unique energetic signatures.
You too have a unique energy signature, and it is constantly interacting with all of the other energies around you.
Some of these vibrational energies are fine light and positive, and when you encounter them, you feel uplifted, refreshed, and inspired. However, much of what you will encounter is really quite dense, and carries with it a low vibration that if absorbed and not addressed can build up in your energy and seriously weigh you down.                                                          http://www.ask-angels.com/spiritual-guidance/cleanse-your-energy-with-a-salt-bath/