Haiti, More Than An Earthquake Story.

Here are some interesting facts about Haiti:
  •  In the eighteenth century, St. Dominique (Haiti) was the richest colony in the French Empire and was unown as the “Pearl of the Antilles.”
  •  In 1801, ex-slave Toussaint L’Ouverture (1743-1803) led nearly one-half million Haitian slaves against Haiti’s French colonialists. Their eventual victory was the first successful slave revolt and helped establish Haiti as the FIRST black republic.
  • Haiti is the third largest country in the Caribbean, after the Dominican Republic and Cuba, which is the largest.
  • The Citadel is a large mountaintop fortress located in northern Haiti. It is the largest fortress in the Western Hemisphere. (I will be visiting for sure!)
  • Haiti is the most mountainous nation in the Caribbean.  
  • (You know I love 2 hike and explore)
  • One of Haiti significant icon in early Haitian history and a primordial founder of the country is a woman Haitian ruler named Anacaona, or “Golden Flower”.
  • Descendants of African slaves make up 95% of Haiti’s population. The other 5% are mulattos, descendants of French planters and African slaves, and whites. Haiti also has a small population of Middle Easterners, descendants of Syrian and Lebanese people who came to Haiti in the nineteenth century.
  • An Haiti is known for its beautiful beaches and sunsets!

 Airline tickets are purchased and I have decided to extend my trip from 10 days to 30 days. 

(10 in Haiti and 20 in Dominican) 

I will fly into Dominican Republic, stay for about 10 days or so and then catch a bus over to Haiti from Santo Domingo. I want to take the bus because I want to be with the locals and see how most are traveling. 

There is no better way to know a country and its people.  Like they say,   "When in Rome"...

Today I booked part of my stay and decided to go with Airbnb.com    I just love the view that comes with this place, and the price is not bad. I was able to negotiate the price down another $15 bringing it down from $50 per night to $35. That is one of the things that I love about Airbnb, is that you deal directly with the owner.  Here is where I will be staying for a day or so.   https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1868049?eluid=0&euid=a9bcb76e-79bf-be54-4986-aca98f8d7007

I will admit that it was a warm December but it is turning out to be a cooler Jan 2016 

(Happy New Year!!!) 

This trip could not have come at a better time. ATL to DR to Haiti and then the reverse.  In a few days i will be on an island.

One more day and I'm out for a month, sooooo happy right now. I love traveling and I'm excited about going to Haiti.  Oh! I guess i should start packing. Yes I'm a last minute packer.  I will start packing today. 

Later tonight I will show you how to pack lite for your trip. How to pack a months worth of clothes in a carry on backpack.  

Just as an FYI, this is a good app to have on your cell phone. So you can easily keep in touch with family and friends.  It's called (WhatsApp)

Before traveling to any country, make sure you check the expiration date on your passport.  Some countries require you to have at least 6 months left on your passport before they allow you to enter. 

All checked in with the airline, I checked in 24 hours before the flight so I don't have to wait in line for long and to make sure i get a good seat.   www.southwest.com 

Washing clothes, do not want to start out with dirty clothes.  LOL

Gearing up, This is the start of me packing. 1st start out with an empty bag and clean clothes.  Two carry-on bags, one above your seat and one below the seat in front of you. 


It won’t fit. Three words you don’t want to hear when trying to board. To avoid delays and possible checked bag fees, follow these size requirements:
  • Baggage may not exceed 45 linear inches (or 114 cm) in combined length, width and height, including any handles and wheels, with the exception of small musical instruments that fit in the overhead compartment space or under-seat space available at the time of boarding
  • Baggage must fit easily in the Carry-on Baggage Check (approximately 22" x 14" x 9" or 56 x 35 x  23 cm), which is located near the check-in counters

Bags one and two

This is my air mattress that has now become an essential for my trips. Every sense I had to sleep on the floor at the airport in Columbia, I take the mattress and a sheet with me.    

Make sure you pack your gear 1st, clothes you can wash and wear or buy in that country. Gear however, is hard to come by. 

Gearing Up Bag one, Do not forget your Passport Book.  Make your own list of what's important to you to go into your Bag one.  

Gearing Up Bag two. Make two copies of your passport book. 
When going around town I bring the copy of my passport and not the real thing. 
The 2nd copy I keep in my bag. I also email myself a copy. 
Do not keep the copy and the real thing in the same bag. 

I don't like checking in bag's, even with a direct flight.  I try to keep it lite as possible. I have discovered that when i brought a lot. I didn't use it or wear it. So i started downsizing. It allows me to zip through lines faster. It helps when I'm doing unconventional travel.  Boat, train, hike, cab, horseback...

Don't forget to tell someone where you are going and when you are coming back.  Make them aware of when /if your plans change. 

Give them the flight numbers as well.  

Don't forget to call your Bank to let them know your travel plans. (You don't want the bank to freeze your account) 

A list of hardware that I packed in the 1st bag.

Somethings like suntan lotions i will by locally because i want to support in a small way. 

if you are staying in hostels, don't forget to bring a small combination lock.

Most Cell phones you can buy a SIMCard for, while you're traveling to and from.

Bring a Poncho or rain jacket, depending on where you go and the weather. You never know.

The thing about packing lite is to pack what you need and not what you want. Use your compression straps in your bag to create more room. Fold roll and stuff your clothes in your bag.  When I say stuff, For example: Roll your socks and stuff them in your shoes.  Pack the big stuff 1st, then roll and stuff the rest in the corners of the bag.

A List of software that I packed in the 2nd bag. 

Bags are packed and I'm already to go, I've checked in with the airline and i believe that I'm in the B group. Which means that i will get a good seat. For me I like the right side of the plane, window seat.   

I'm so excited, its the morning of my flight. I'm calling Uber to catch a ride to go get something to eat at the Waffle House and to the airport.

I love Uber, so convenient and on time. I'm at the airport going through security and I did not forget my passport book. LOL.    TSA, You have to Love them.    :-)     One of the things that I love at the airport is seeing the young soldiers in uniform traveling to and from.

Thank you for your Service, I truly appreciate it.   3/7 SF(A) - 642nd ENG

On the plane and ready to take off and now this.  

Airport code ATL

Not a good look SouthWest Airlines, when you are on a flight and the mechanic is working on the WING of the plane.  
Can you say....  Delay! 

Airport code PUJ

Landed safe in the Dominican Republic, I will stay in Punta Cana for a little bit then head over to Bavaro for a bit.  After that I will head up to Santo Domingo for a few, then catch the bus over to Haiti.

This place has no name just a fruit stand on the side of the road, with a blender. Had to stop and get a fresh smoothie. Coming from the Airport.

Still on the Bus and We are officially in Haiti. 


Back on the bus and we still have about 3 hours to go. I don't know why but on the bus they are calling me by my last name.  Mitchell.   ok, thats cool. 

The lady I meet on the bus her name is Sylvain, she is from Haiti. We talked the rest of the bus trip. I can understand about 80% of what she’s saying.

At the border I just followed her lead, from exchanging money to getting my passport stamp.

Sylvain, was born in Haiti she is an accountant by trade for a big company in Haiti. With her job she travels a couple times a year.  Sylvain was just coming back from Santo Domingo, DR.  She went there to get some dental work done. Sylvain has a family, house and car AND Haiti Pride.

She allowed me to look at her passport book and she has hella stamps. more than me. Sylvain was telling me that she had to get a Visa just to travel to Santo Domingo and that she felt that I was lucky as an american.   I told her very true. However, it is a trade off. I am going without somethings or have to put up with somethings as and american.

Don't get me wrong I love the USA and would not trade it for another.

I told her this was my 1st time to  Haiti and she was puzzled as to why I would even want to come to Haiti. Most people that come from the states are working for a nonprofit.

Nope! not me I just came to see for myself what Haiti, is all about.

The ride from the border to Port-au-Prince was quiet, most of the folks on the bus were sleep. Haiti, Beautiful people and colors.  I can tell that we are getting near because, I'm starting to see more cars and people.  Oh wow! we just passed the U.S. Embassy.  Always good to know where your Embassy is located.

We made it to Port-au -Prince, Haiti. 

Off the bus, got my bags. I already had a place to stay that I booked on airbnb.com for $20 per night.  I asked Sylvain to talk to the cab driver for me. We talked about price, how long is the ride, and in what directions is the house where I will be staying.  

( Always get the price of the Cab upfront, before you get in the car) Always!

Ok, all set, Goodby Sylvain, It was very nice meeting you.  

In the Cab,

Haiti…....... Wow its a lot of black pepole  out here. I mean they are everywhere. And I love it.   People are in the streets deep, selling goods, food, services… beautiful colors everywhere. I want to stop, but it's getting late and I want to get to the place before it gets dark. The people are so deep that it is hard for the taxi to move. I hope that the driver doesn't hit anyone, I trust that he understand’s how to handle this type of situation. 

Made it to the house, met the house lady and man. The room is nice and clean, No A/C. They do have Wifi but at this time it’s not working. I think he said he forgot to pay the bill. It’s now dark and I feel the need to go out and be with the people, grabbed my flashlight and off I go.

Down the dirt road into the darkness I go. 

I found a grocery store nearby and a place where I can get a SIM card and minutes for my cell phone. SIM card cost like $100.00 Haitian Gourde…Haiti money or $1.66 USD another $100 Gourde will get you about 30 minutes worth of talking minutes. 

I try and get a local phone number so I can communicate with whatever translator I meet.  Got to keep them in your back pocket. 

No Pictures!

Sorry,  did not want to start taking pictures, looking like a tourist. It’s dark, I’m by myself, It’s hella folks in the streets, this is my 1st time to Haiti. I’m cool on the photos for now. LOL

Trash everywhere, street food vendors all over the place. Music coming from every other conner.  

Pedestrians DO NOT have the right away. Make sure you look both ways before you step foot off of the sidewalk. Most of the side roads are dirt and the main roads are paved. 

Came across a night church service.   The church is packed and spilling out into the streets.  #God 

Tired, Boss. Going back to the house to shower and sleep. 

The house lady asked me if I wanted her to wake me up at 7am for food and tea?   Me: Hell no! GOD will wake me up, I would like to sleep in and get some rest.   But thank you for asking. 

Ok,  good night… 

Oh WOW!! 

Good morning. 

It's 6:30 am and I did not expect this.  When I said God will wake me up, he sent a team to wake me up.   I have counted about 6 rosters, 2 goats, 8 dogs, 3 crying babies AND one couple fighting. ALL making noise at the break of dawn at the same time.   LOL... ok I'm up now. 

Good Morning and Welcome to Haiti. 

It’s a new day and I rented a car with driver to show me around. No place in particular I just want to see the town and some of these side streets.  Just to see how the folks are living out here.

I saw a man getting a hair cut.  No big deal, right?  Well how he was getting his hair cut was shocking to me. It was a (Oh, Wow) moment.

One of the things that is standing out is that the women don’t have a lot of weaves in their heads.  Don't no why, It could be a money thing. Not sure.  (Nothing against weaves)  I personally like it when she can switch it up. 

While driving we stop to look at a river / Trash River and I saw another reason not to eat PIG.   But I do love me some bacon.   I’m a work in progress.  Don't  judge me. 

Speaking of food I think its time to stop and eat. 

Came across this nice little restaurant name Quartier Latin, where some other tourist are at.  A little pricey for Haiti but the food and service was good.  

I only have the car for a few more hours and I want to see a little more.

Apparently Carnaval is coming so every week they are doing dry runs for the big event. I was able to catch a little.  I’m not a big fan of large crowds, I wont be staying long.   

Lots and Lots of loud, good music.  I had to plug my ears a few times. Police everywhere in their gear.

Kids playing in the streets, Food on every conner.

Ok I had enough, I have an early start tomorrow. I’m going to take another bus to Cap Haitian another city in Haiti.   I want to see what the other side has to offer. This bus ride is 6 hours, but there are some sites that I want to see on that side.

Back at the Apartment and The entire house is running off of Batteries and a water tank.   I did not catch this last night.  Ok, cool. Now I know.   Off the grid.  

       4 Truck Batteries 

        Transformer Converter AC to DC

        Panel Box with Circuit Breakers

      Water Tank on top of roof. 
Off the grid.

Ok, Im going to get some food, shower, sleep.   I have to get on a bus tomorrow. 

On the bus headed to Cap Haitian

Made it safe, off the Bus and at the hotel.  At the bus stations, many cab drivers came up to me. I showed him the address of the hotel and he said he knew where it was. So I get in the cab and we drove 3 blocks… LOL ( he got me, Its cool)   But, I could have walked. Next time I will know. LOL…

The Hotel is nice, just the basic. No internet, No hot water, No, big room. Just a bed, shower, toilet, sink and A/C. Oh they do have a T.V. but who’s watching.  I’m just happy they have working A/C. the last place I stayed did not have A/C. Soooo I tell God, Thank you.

Outside of the hotel every morning this Man had fresh coconuts for sell.  Something about being on an Island makes you want to drink coconut water.  LOL

Time to venture away from the hotel. going for a walk to look, see, smell, taste, touch and feel. 

The town Cap Haitian is nice smaller than Port-au-Prince, Haiti. but a lot of the same. I googled somethings to see and do so I’m going to go for it.  I’m glad I came. 

Found this little hole in the wall restaurant. The food was good and the price was right for lunch.  

Tonight I will try this restaurant, called (Auberge du Picolet) Its by the water front. They say it’s nice wth a great view.  

At this point I have not had any problems other than not understanding what they are saying.  Google translate is how I've been getting by.  When I'm near internet, I will think of what i may need to say. Then take a screen shot of the translation and show it to whoever I think can help.  

Ok I think that I have walked long enough, time for dinner. Caught a motorcycle ride to this restaurant, called (Auberge du Picolet)

Oh wait this is a hotel and restaurant.  Ok cool.  

This was my seat and my view

This was my view, while I ate my food. 

Time to head back to the hotel. 

There is no hot water at the hotel, oh well good thing that I'm hot from the walk. So this cold shower will feel great.

Tomorrow I'm going hiking.  :-)  www.WeLove2Hike.com    I love hiking, it clears my mind as if I was the only one that mattered. 

Good night.

Good Morning, I slept well but short. 

I'm going hiking today to the Fort (Citadelle Laferriere) Built by Henri Christophe. 
The massive stone structure was built by up to 20,000 workers between 1805 and 1820 as part of a system of fortifications designed to keep the newly independent nation of Haiti safe from French incursions. The Citadel was built several miles inland, and atop the 3,000 ft (910 m) Bonnet a L’Eveque mountain, to deter attacks and to provide a lookout into the nearby valleys. Cap-Haïtien and the adjoining Atlantic Ocean are visible from the roof of the fortress. Anecdotally, it is possible to sight the eastern coast of Cuba, some 90 miles (140 km) to the west, on clear days.
The Haitians outfitted the fortress with 365 cannons of varying size. These were obtained from various nations, and still bear the crests of 18th Century monarchs. Enormous stockpiles of cannonballs still sit in pyramidal stacks at the base of the fortress walls. Since its construction, the fortress has withstood numerous earthquakes, though a French attack never came and it was eventually abandoned.

I had to catch a motorcycle taxi from the hotel to the fort. It took about 30 min to get there. The ride was crazy but we made it. On the way I saw some beautiful sites of mountains and valleys. I did not know that Haiti had so many mountains. 

Now at the 1st parking lot. At the guest center at the Fort.  I got a little history about the Fort and off I go. At the start you will see the King and Queen Palace. They both had there own separate places. Mostly they stayed at the Kings place. 

All built by hand. 

Going up, there are guides if you need or want one. I think I.m going to go without.  Hiking up and I do mean up.  I have about 7 guides following me 5 on foot and 2 on horseback. All are telling me that it is a hard hike and I need to get on the horse or take a motorcycle taxi.  


Me: Nope! I love hiking.  I love hiking so much, that I started a hiking group. http://www.weloveexploring.com/events-near-you.html   I'm like the nerve of them asking me if i need help going up the Mountain.   I lead hikes myself. NO! i don't need or want help.  


OK, OK, OK...   LOL One hour into this 3 hour hike and I’m having 2nd thoughts about this horse ride. LOL

Nope, can't do it.  a short break and off I go, still hiking. I’m at the halfway mark and my original 7 is now down to 3.  Two on foot and one on horseback.   This is a hike for real. Most of it is straight up with some switchback’s along the way.   

At the 2nd parking lot now, my original 7 is now down to 1 and he is on foot.   He is determined to get this money for a tip that i have told him 20 times that I was not going to give him. At the start of this I told him and others that I do not want a guide.   “Him: no problem, I will just keep you company and if you change your mind I will be right here.” At this stop the 2nd parking lot, I stop took some pictures, ate some food and refilled my bottles of water. 


Leaving the 2nd parking lot we pick up two more different guides both are on horseback.  

And then there were 3.  LOL

Hiking up the mountain you are hiking through a forest on a paved trail. Sometimes you will pass by some houses on the left and right where people live. We stop at a natural fresh water hole and I was so hot that I almost took a bath in it.  but I decided to wash my face and head instead. Very cool fresh water from the mountain.  

Maybe about another 1/2 mile from the Water hole. We came across this children school and class was in section. 

I stopped and talk to the principal, he told me that the school was free but it cost $25 USD per child for books to go to school for the year.  This school is up in the Mt.  All of them by default are hikers. Just to get to and from school. You are going up and down the Mt. 

So WE,  members of (WeLoveExploring) 
made a donation to the school. 

Good Luck Kid’s. 
Until next time. 

Back on my hike up this mountain and my legs are like, Awwww, Hello! What are you doing to us.

The stop at the school was to long for my legs that was hot and now cold. However, I'm feeling good about the hike and donation.  

About another 1/4 mile I hear music to my ears. 
I used this moment to encourage me to keep going on foot. 

Every time I stop for a break, The men on the horse are looking at me and calling my name.  "Mitchell" you want the ride.   LOL

This hike plus the climate is a little more than I thought, but it's cool.  At this point it seems as if i have been hiking for a long time. But I have on a watch and I know it hasn't been that long. However, It sure does feel like it.

Oh well, I'm not going to stop or turn back around.  I might as well enjoy the views.

Step by Step, Inch by Inch.

I'm talking to myself at this point trying to keep myself motivated and off the horse.

" I am a child of God, Son of Cynthia, I come from a long line of fighters, My story will not be how big this mountain is but how Big my God is, He will never put nothing in front of me that he can not take care of, I am an Ex Paratrooper, I have been through worse, This is just a big hill, I can do this, The view is best at the top, I will not quit....  Step by Step, Inch by Inch."


I kept talking to myself for about 20 min or so.   And then I stopped and looked up.  Finally! I can see the Fort.  Hallelujah!!!

The Citadelle

Thats funny, how I don't feel tired, all of a sudden.  LOL  I know I can make it now. 
Step by Step, Inch by Inch.

At this point the two new guides on horseback turned back around. LOL And then there was ONE. LOL  The same guide that was with me from the start of this hike is still with me. I guess he is as stubborn as I. 

We arrived at the 1st guard post of the Fort.  

We are getting closer.   Step by Step, Inch by Inch.  :-)

At this point, I'm just trying to suck air down and stay hydrated, making sure I pay close attention to my body for signs of dehydration and cramps. I don't want to lose it being this close to the prize.

Oh WOW we made it to the base of the fort, I'm so Happy I could dance. But I only have enough strength to hug.  LOL

NO JOKE.   This is a hike.  

The one guide is still with me, And yes at this point I'm just going to pay him. LOL

By the way, I have on Keen Boots, REI shirt, Adidas hat, Kuhl hiking pants and a Osprey backpack with food and bottled water inside.

This Guy! ( Peter, The Guide ) has on sandals, jeans and a cotton T-shirt, no hat, No water, No Food.
And for the record when i say sandals, I mean flip -flops.

And I swear to you I did not see him break a sweat, not one time.  Hell, I did not let him, but he even offered to carry my stuff. Yup, I will tip him.

We are at the fort and I will cool my body down before entering. The view form the top is more than worth the hike. However, my legs are saying something different.  LOL


I'm so glad I came to Haiti.

Peter "The Guide"

After a hour long tour of most of the Fort, It is now time to say goodbye. 

I had Peter call a motorcycle taxi to take us back down the Mountain and to get something to eat before I head back to the hotel on motorcycle taxi.

The motorcycle is here and I Politely asked him to show me that his brakes worked.   LOL 

Down the Mountain and he takes me to this (not a restaurant) but this lady house who is cooking out side on the sidewalk.  

 Food smells great.

I am starving and after swatting the flies away and trying to ignore the kids while eating my food. I definitely have met my nutritional needs. If it pass the test I can eat. Sight, Smell, Taste and a overall feel of the chef, environment and surroundings plus the totality of my situation


Back at the hotel, I think tomorrow is going to be not only a great day but a beach day. 

I have heard about this little spot on the beach with wifi, bar and restaurant. Cool with me. 

Good morning, it's a new day.

I'm so happy that I got a chance to sleep in.  Good Times, Good Times.  

Had to catch a cab up and over the mountain, mostly mud and rocks, little kids are running along side the cab asking for money and or food.  

Yes, made it to the beach… Very nice, Very, Very nice.   Put my bags down, ordered some food 

and now walking the beach. I think this is going to be me all day. Eat, beach, swim, walk, beach and more beach.  Oh and then some food, Plus more beach.   LOL

I love the beach! 
Just walking on it alone will do something for my mind. 

It’s well into the dark now and it’s time to go.

The Cab driver is trying to get me for more money. He is saying he didn't know it was going to be this muddy.

( This is why I ALWAYS get upfront pricing )

Ok so now I’m in a situation here, What do I do?

So, I thought about my options, pay extra or stay at the hotel next door. Well I already paid for a hotel over the mountain, that I have for one more night.

Ok so that is not worth it, so I should just pay more money to the cab driver, right?

Nope!  I started asking him about his travel companion who looks like she is about age 14.
He looks about age 45.  Apparently this conversation made him very uncomfortable sooooo he let the price stay the same and wanted to know if he could take me to the airport when it was time to go.   LOL.

Aways get the price upfront.  Don't forget…..  ALWAYS!

Back at the hotel and I need to get to sleep because I have to catch a bus at 3am tomorrow to head to my 3rd city in Haiti....   Jacmel

Goodnight.   Tired Boss.

Good mornig, did not get any sleep. However I did rest my body and legs.   Its till dark outside and this is going to be a 6 hours ride up and over the mountain.

Only to transfer to a truck and go another 3 hours up and over another mountain to get to Jacmel.

The last 3 hours headed to Jacmel there were a lot of peacekeeping soldiers from the United Nations.

Along the way on the side of the road they were selling food and water.   I call it water in a bag.

Made it safe, this has been a long day.   Tired boos!

After a quick stop at the store to stock up on food, water and cash. I’m at the Airbnb spot and this place is very nice. I’m glad I had this as my last stay. So, So, nice! I love it.   

I think for the rest of the night and all day tomorrow, It’s going to be a chill day. I have been running every sense I arrived in Haiti. 

OMG, the Veiw is great here…

YUP!    It’s going to be a chill day for me tomorrow. I just want to sleep in, eat, beach, dip in the ocean, take a nap and chill all day.  MAYBE, catch up on some work.  Maybe.

It’s a new day and life is great, the host is nice and he speaks english. He asked me if I wanted to do something today and I said, NOPE!  I just want to chill all day. I have plans for tomorrow that involves another hike. However, from what I’ve heard the reward is more than worth the hike. 

The hotel is right on the ocean, down the steps and you are just a few feet away form getting your feet wet.    I love it!   They have a maid, 24 hour security and cook.  All fresh food, Oh and a 24 hour cat that keep the rats and dogs away. LOL.   ( I did not see any rats. However I did see one dog and he did not stay long )

Most of the day has been spent going in and out of sleep in this hammock, with the gentle ocean breeze flowing over my bald head.

One of the many things that I love about the ocean is that in salt water, you don't have to do much to float.  I’m just floating on my back talking to God. Mostly just me telling him THANK YOU, for life and the ability to live. #God

It’s time for dinner, I think I’m going to have the fish with some other guest that are staying at the hotel.    

Some of the other hotel guest are from Canada, they came to Haiti to open up a school for kids and on this trip they where able to purchase the land to start the building process.   

Good luck and great job, I’m happy for the kids of that community.  

I am sooooooo looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.   Can’t wait!  No rosters, dogs, goats, fights, lound music…    Nothing but sleep.  

Watching the sunset and I can't help but to think of my friends in California because although the sun may rise in the East it sets in the WEST.  So to my friends out West, I’m sending it your way.

It’s a new day and I'm going hiking to the  Bassin Bleu, Jacmel

I rented a private car with driver to go hiking today.    LOL, LMAO… up and over another mountain, thru the stream, pass the village, make a left by the hogs and pigs. When you see the goats make a right, up the hill. On top of the hill you will see some kids flying kites.  STOP! get out the car and….  

OMG, look at this view. 

Back in the car, drive down the hill, make a left at a big tree, drive until you see a horse.  (you mean like one horse?)   yes, drive until you see a horse. At the horse make a slight right and go to the end of the road you will see a building with a lot of people in front.  LOL,  

Me: ok   LOL

Made it safe, all checked in. This time I will just let the guide do his thing, no need to stop them. It will all come out in the wash.  Im only paying one though, not all four.  

And off we go, the start of the hike was pretty simple. I don't expect this to be a hard hike like the fort hike. That one was a butt kicker.  Fresh water streams, passing a lot of locals washing their cloths in the same stream that others are bathing in plus the cows are drinking and bathing in the same place.   

We get to the 1st of 3 blue holes. 

Very nice, but this is not what I came for. The 2nd blue whole, better…. but lets keep going.    

Me: Oh, by the way what’s that rope for. 

Him: this rope. 

Me: Yes, that rope. 

Him: We have to climb down a small cliff.   

Me: What! 

Him: yes, don't worry we have the rope. 


Ok so we made it down the “small” cliff.   I will admit it was a little intimidating, ok a lot. However, I did it anyway. 

Hiked up a small hill and turned the conner and this is what I wanted to see. Fresh Mountain spring water flowing into a deep blue hole. Triple waterfalls and beautiful rock walls on all sides. 


I’m taking off my cloths for a nice cool swim after a nice hot hike, this water looks amazing.

I jumped in feet 1st  

I love it! 

I climbed up the 1st rock and jump in feet 1st, floating on my back just looking at the waterfall.

So amazing.

( I wish YOU were here )

After swimming, jumping, floating and jumping some more, it’s now time to say goodbye.  So happy that i came and so sad that I have to go. 

But my time is up, plus I don't want to get on the road at dark. Until next time blue hole, Until next time.  

On my way back to the Room.  Leaving in the morning, back to Port-au -Prince and then back on the Bus to the Dominican Republic. 

Dominican Republic

My thoughts  are, to do a 3 city tour in the Dominican.  Maybe try something new like Scuba Diving.
 I have decided to extend my trip from 10 days to 30 days and now 60 days. 


  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying the country and leading by example..

    1. Thank you Crystal Pierce, I don't know another way.

  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying the country and leading by example..

  3. Great post! Great tips! Thanks for the passport reminder because I forgot to make copies! Will be using all tips for my Australia New Zealand Fiji backpack adventure !

    1. Organized Kaos, Thank you so much. New Zealand, Wow! That is now on my list. I have some post coming about Haiti. Waiting on strong internet.