Nkrumah Frazier

My name is Nkrumah Frazier. I live in south Mississippi. I am above all else a husband and father. I grew up on a small farm in rural Mississippi and always knew that I would be connected to the outdoors somehow. Growing up, we raised cows and had several gardens. I spent as much time as I could outside. My older brother and I would roam the forests and fields near my home without any regard to the dangers that many of today's parents and youth see as a barrier to being outside. It was not uncommon for us to be out of earshot of my parents voices so my father came up with a genius way to let us know it was time to come home. If he wanted or needed us for anything he would walk outside and honk the truck horn. We knew that when we heard that truck horn we had better make our way home.

Now I'm grown with a family of my own living in an urban setting. I fell into the monotony of adulthood and got busy working and being a grown up. I realized that my kids were not being exposed to the things that I was as a young child so I started venturing into the outdoors with my family. I started a family nature club and began inviting friends and family to accompany us on our treks into the great outdoors. My hope is that by introducing people to the outdoors that I can influence as many people as possible to know, love and want to protect the natural world.

In addition to an outdoors enthusiast I am also a conservationist. I work as the Sustainability Officer for the city in which I live and also do stewardship work in the local wilderness area as a paid Volunteer Wilderness Ranger. Getting paid to do what I love truly does not feel like a job and I consider myself extremely blessed to hold the jobs that I have. I also work with several local nonprofit organizations and with the Sierra Club. It is my hope that through various outdoor activities we can begin to rebuild interpersonal connections and strengthen our communities one personal relationship at a time. As human beings we tend to care for and love only those things with which we are familiar. We want to protect and conserve only those things that we love. It is my hope that through my actions that I can instill the same love for nature that I have in as many people as possible.

Twitter: @Nkrumah_Frazier
Google+: +NkrumahFrazier (http://plus.google.com/+NkrumahFrazier)
South Mississippi Family Nature Club Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SouthMississippiFaNClub/
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The website for my blog; FaN Club Dad is www.fanclubdad.blogspot.com

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