Friday, December 4, 2015

Picking a Hiking Trail

Hiking Guide 101
Showing beginners how to start hiking

Chapter One
Picking a hiking trail
Start in you own backyard

Choose the right trail for you. Pick a hike that is not to hard for you, remember this is your 1st.  

For example, if you haven’t hiked in months or ever,  choose a trail that will be enjoyable with plenty to see. 

Make sure you have enough time to hike the part of the trail that you wish to see.  

Start in you own backyard, don't take off on a road trip just to go hiking on your 1st hike. 

Google (your city) hiking trails and see what comes up. 

Read about the trail, see how long and difficult it is. 

Try to stay with the state and city parks near your home for your 1st hike. If possible call the parks office and ask all the questions you have. 

Read reviews about the trail and park. Try to go early to give yourself enough time to complete and enjoy the park. 

Also Try events near you to find a park:   

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